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I am Destany (my friends call me Des), a thirty-something Momma to four. I've been married to my best friend for 17 years, and after trying to conceive our fifth child for over a year, we have decided to be happy with the family we have created and move onward and upward. I have worked at home as an artist and craftswoman since my first child was born, but recently went back to work outside of the home, full-time.

Many of my posts are of a creative nature. I am an artist, and that is reflected strongly in all aspects of my life. Creating my own recipes, sewing, knitting, gardening, tattooing, pretty much anything to do with making. You can see my paintings at DestanyFenton.com, or you can see my crafts (for sale) at Destany Fenton Arts and Crafts. I also design graphics and logos at Destany Fenton Graphic Design.

I occasionally write about my  husband and kids. Joe is my sweetheart. He is funny, ornery and a really dedicated father and husband.
Tim is our oldest at sixteen. He loves computers (building them) and JORTC. He has plans for a military career, specializing in computers. He is a sophomore in high school and having a blast with the whole experience.
John is our second son, and fourteen. He is nearly as tall as his older brother at 6'2" and he is extremely athletic. Whether he is playing baseball, football, track, or just playing kickball in the backyard with his little bro, he always plays hard and has fun.
Adam is 7 and a first grader. He adores his little sister but he idolizes his brothers. I'm grateful he has such wonderful role-models to take after. He is crazy for anything army and is obsessed with school and learning. He has a strong fascination with outer space and I can see him being a scientist for NASA some day!
Karlie is our little girl, a 5 year old kindergartner. She is creative and quirky, and very strong-willed. She wants to be like Momma when she grows up, and become an artist. She is into dolls, princesses, pink, make-up, boots and jewelry. She has an infectious laugh and she positively loves to crack up. With her three big brothers and her dad being very funny guys, she's always laughing about something!

I believe in economic and planet-responsible practices, and I try to pass those values onto my kids. We try to limit or forgo disposable products including napkins, paper towels and plates, plastic cutlery, Swiffer, etc. and consider the impact our daily practices have on our planet and on society. Taking care of our planet is extremely important to me. I believe in non-judgmental advocacy and self-education. I believe that we all have the capacity to learn whatever we want and that information is always free.

I am aware that there are many sides to one person, and I strive to find balance between all the different parts of me. The name of this blog, "They Are All of Me..." is not only a reference to my devotion to my children; it is a tribute to the many parts of me that I try to acknowledge and fulfill on a daily basis to achieve internal harmony and balance. I believe that balance is a significant factor in achieving overall mental and emotional health and happiness. Emotional and mental balance contribute greatly to our physical health, and vice versa.

Apart from the need to achieve balance, I have a practical nature that is uncomfortable with frivolity. I am often offended when I see blatant wastefulness or extravagance without purpose. Some of that is reflected in my writing, as I am passionate about taking responsibility for our global community in many different ways.

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