Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ruffled Denim-Skirt

Hey, do you remember these jean skirts from the late 80's where we (or our moms) cut off the top of a pair of jeans and sewed some cotton ruffle to the bottom? Well, gosh, if leggings and slasher jeans can come back, then surely they can too? Well even so, when you're three, you can wear anything. :-D
I wanted a skirt similar to that, but I saw this skirt and was inspired. I admit, I didn't read the tutorial until after I finished my skirt, but it's similar.

I gathered up my fabric remnants and my to-be-recycled clothing, making sure to include a pair of big brothers pants that are several inches too short. I have another project in mind for the legs of those pants.

I cut the top of the pants off.

I measured my girl, to see how long I wanted to make the skirt, and then I added an inch. I placed my jean skirt onto a piece of slip material (this is an old slip I had, so it is pre-hemmed), and measured the length of the skirt, and cut it accordingly.

Because these were big brothers pants, I knew they would be too big. I measured in an inch on each side, and stitched. I then trimmed off the excess and zigzagged the raw edge.

I pre-washed all of my unused fabric, and pressed all. Then I cut strips of the fabrics I decided to use and laid them out in the order I wanted them on the skirt.

The bottom strip is a bandanna that I cut the square out of the middle. I wanted this to have a "free-flowing" almost gypsy feeling to it. In fact, I'm thinking I want to go to the store and buy more bandannas and just do a skirt entirely out of them. I definitely think yes!

I pinned the bandanna to the bottom edge of the slip fabric and straight stitched it into place. I then zigzagged the raw edge down so that it won't fray.

It was cool that the bottom edge of the bandanna was already hemmed for me. This would be a great project to do out of old tops and skirts.

However, not all of my fabric came prehemmed. I did a half inch hem on this, and after straight stitching the strip closed, I zigzagged the raw edge.

My fabric strips are three inches  wide, after they are hemmed, so I measured 1 1/2 inches from the top of my bottom layer. This is where I want the top of my next layer to be, so I pinned it in place and sewed it on the way I did the first layer.

This is the skirt once it had all of the layers. I decided there wasn't room, and it was better off, to leave the white strip off.

I pinned the ruffles to the denim skirt with the right sides together and sewed it on. I zigzagged over the raw edge like I always do.

I couldn't get a good after pic, she wouldn't take the skirt back off once I put it on her, I think that's a score for me!

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