Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh MY! Pineapple Sundae

I am all into healthy desserts, and they don't get much healthier than this one. Seriously, non-dieting people will be jealous! Start with 1/2 cup nonfat vanilla flavored yogurt. Top it with 1/8 cup each of FRESH pineapple, granola (home made is preferred), shredded coconut, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.
The beauty of this recipe is that even at 270 calories, each ingredient has really strong health benefits. The yogurt keeps your pipes running clean, the pineapple is full of manganese and vitamin C, the granola contains whole grains and healthy nuts, the coconut has healthy fats and protien, and the chocolate chips (make sure they're semi-sweet) are loaded with anti-oxidants. You can eat this for breakfast for a great start to your day, and change up the fruit if you start to get bored. Thawed frozen berries also work well, and are full of anti-oxidants, and you can't beat bananas for potassium. I haven't tried peaches yet, but I'm sure it would be fantastic!

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