Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Center

I'm kinda into chalk boards. Just check out our chalkboard floor!

Last week, I sat finding myself in need of a family information center to keep track of who's turn it is to do  certain chores - or just to keep track of my kids since I currently have 3 boys in 3 separate schools.

I didn't want to buy anything, however, because ya know, surely there was some way I could use up some of the things in my house that don't get much use!

I'm all for rehabbing and repurposing as much as I possibly can. Items found sitting around my home don't stay idle for long!

I found these picture frames in my garage and they do not completely match but I plan to fix this down the road with some chocolate colored paint and some gold foil. I love battered old antique look on the two smaller frames.

I pulled one of my dressers from the wall and looked at the back of it. Why do they have wood there? What precisely is the function of this piece of wood? Does it keep out varmints? Because we don't have those. Does it keep out dust? Too late, we have lots of that! Maybe it's supportive? I don't buy that. I think they put it on there so it looks better in the store. So I took it off and cut it to fit my frames.

I did not use chalkboard paint, nor did I use black paint with grout powder mixed in. I just used regular old latex satin finish paint that I always keep on hand because, it is some nifty stuff and I use it for so many things!

I painted 3 coats with a small roller brush and hung my new chalkboards on the wall. I have the days of the week written on one side and anyone can fill in the activities, appointments or notices for any given day of the week.

On the right, the two little chalkboards record the meals planned for the week, and specifically, which meal we're having that evening so my kids don't ask me fifty times a night, "What's for dinner?"

Sometimes we erase the big board and play hangman. Sometimes pictionary. And I also use it for the girl when we do our homeschooling, and next week when I begin teaching art lessons in my home, I plan on using it for that as well.

I love making something so useful out of things that weren't being used and would ultimately wind up in the garbage. As I often say, if it's useful for anything - anything at all, it is not trash. :)

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