Wednesday, November 14, 2012

50 Reasons You Should Have Lots of Bandannas

Bandanna's are awesome! Hands down one of the most versatile tools at our disposal, but few people truly comprehend the genius of the simple bandanna  Fear not! I will remedy this for you dear reader, and you can spread the word!

Unfortunately, the versatility and ease of use for bandanna's have been forgotten as of late - as the forces of evil have claimed them as their badge. However, I think I can risk heading to the grocery store in my Momcar and my tie-dye colored doo-rag with kids in tow without being mistaken for a gang member.

Bandannas are very inexpensive, we are talking 1$ a piece for something you will be able to use and reuse many times. They are 100% cotton, so very absorbent, soft, and wash easily. They are also resistant to fading. We use them for many things on this list, some things I admit that I did get creative - others, I read on different websites.

So here you go, 50 ways to use a bandanna:

Make a sweatband for exercising or work.




Keep in the car to defog the windshield.

Wrap a sandwich - and use as a napkin while eating said sandwich.

Use as a belt on a little person - or tie a couple together for a bigger person.

Clothe a doll.

Signal for help if you are stranded.

Tie a red one to items sticking out of your car.

Rob a bank (for pretend!)

Use as a tourniquet for those pesky limb amputations.

A fashionable ascot!

Play baby carrier

Run away from home.

Pot holder

Wipe a grubby face.

Make an eye patch.

Make an ice pack.

Mark a trail.

Make cheese.

Diaper a toosh!

Place Mat

Pack Glass

Mark your luggage

Make a pony tail

Clean your shoes.

Dress your dog.

Tease your cat.

Collect pine cones or sea shells while hiking.

Protect bald heads from sunburn.

Clean your mirror.

Emergency top for a little one.

Polish an apple.

Wrap a sprain.

Magic Tricks

Strain Pasta (or filter water)

Pad shoulders while carrying heavy back packs.

Use as a small rope.

Cover food to protect from insects

Wipe your butt.

Plug up your sink.

Keep bears out of your food while camping.

Open a tight jar.

Tell your roommates you're "busy."

Blindfold someone.


Coffee Filter.

Wedge a door shut.

Make a doll.

So there you go! Now you know all of the wonderful amazing things you can do with bandannas, I find new uses for them everyday without even thinking about it.

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