Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tiny Gift Sacks

It's that time of year and all, the time you give everybody you know and their uncle a present!

Whether you are gifting trinket sized goodies or gift cards, it's a good idea to know how to whip up a cute gift pouch in a jiffy!

I used regular printing paper, with a brown paper sack and a sheet of construction paper, but you can be more festive and use gift wrap. These are done on the cheap, so you won't even be out the cost of materials.

8.5" x 11" paper (or so. You don't have to be exact here, just use something that fits the size of your gift.
clear tape - the kind you wrap presents with, you know. ;)
tissue paper or off-set colored paper
yarn, ribbon or twine, something to use as a hanger

Step 1
Lengthwise, fold your paper into thirds - brochure style.

Step 2
Fold the sides back out again, as shown. When you turn your paper over, you ought to have about an inch beyond your middle flap.

Step 3
Fold now the other way, nearly in half. You'll want to leave a one inch over hang on the back side.

Step 4
Fold your side flaps in back, or in front if making an envelope.

Step 5
Tape these into place and your pouch, sack, fancy envelope is made.

Step 6
Although you could simply place your item inside your pouch and fold down the flap to use it as an envelope, I think it's cuter to have a little gift bag.

I cut a sheet of construction paper to make a simple card, and placed it in the back with the recipients name on.

I didn't have any tissue paper, so I grabbed some brown lunch bags out of the pantry and made use of the crimped edging.

Plain red yarn pulls it all together.

I hope you find these fun and functional!


  1. It would be nice of you if you recommend other sources that carry info on this topic of course just in case you are aware of some.

  2. Thank you for reading and for the suggestion. I don't do research before posting, I only blog the things I create.
    If ever I do use ideas or recipes that I find on the internet I always credit my sources, though. If you know of any other blogs or sites that carry similar information, feel free to share. :)