Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lowfat Smoothies To Promote Healthy Weightloss

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Whenever I decide that I would like to lose a bit of weight, or even just to get a handle on my eating, I will break out my blender and make myself smoothies to replace my lunch. I created this recipe 6 years ago, but I have modified it a few times since then as my idea of what is healthy changes. It's important to me that the smoothies taste good - I don't want to dread them. I also want to make sure they have plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while containing little fat.
Some may not feel that these are healthy when they consider their own personal standards and dietary goals, but this recipe can be tweaked and ingredients substituted with ones that are appropriate for different needs.

1/4 cup of cooked/cooled unseasoned, unsalted beans
1/2 cup vanilla flavored nonfat yogurt
1/2 cup fruit juice or skim milk
1tbs. honey
1 cup of frozen berries or fruit (strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are loaded with antioxidants)
1 fresh banana

Place the ingredients into the blender, beginning with the liquid and the beans. Add in the yogurt, fruit and berries. You may wish to add more liquid.
You will have approximately 2 cups or 16oz of smoothie from this, which is appropriate for a meal replacement.

That is a good base. You can also add pureed vegetables, vegetable juice, spinach, wheat germ or any other items that contain nutrients that you feel you need.

The beans not only contain added protein and fiber, they are complex carbs that will slow down the digestion of the slurry and help you feel full longer and help stabilize your blood sugar so that you will not "crash" as easily during the day. They also contain soluble and insoluble fiber to help aid digestion. Unflavored, you do not taste them.
The yogurt supplies calcium, but also probiotics which help with digestion and cleansing and this provides many health benefits throughout the body.
The fruit juice and frozen berries contain even more antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. The berries are full of fiber to help further with digestion. Eating berries is also thought by some to ease joint inflammation and lessen the effects of arthritis.
The banana has many vitamins and minerals as other fruits do, but they also contain larger amounts of potassium than any other natural and easily attainable food. Potassium helps the circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain and your muscles (which is vital when you are exercising more), helps regulate your heartbeat, maintain blood pressure and proper balance of water - which again, is important when you are working out.

Because we are talking about health and I am touting the nutritional benefits of this recipe, I am including a breakdown of the nutritional information - as generated by the Recipe Calculator at This recipe calculator is a fantastic tool for keeping track of nutrition and calorie content of your personal recipes.


What are your favorite ingredients to add to your smoothie?

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  1. Wow, adding beans to a smoothie - I wish I had known about this when I was pregnant! I had such a hard time getting all the protein that I was supposed to have.

    My secret ingredient for smoothies is applesauce vs milk or fruit juice.

  2. Thanks for joining the January Festival of Food! Huh, beans! Who would have thought to put THAT in a smoothie! Well, you opened my mind up to a new smoothie twist!

  3. Woah! Beans to a smoothie! I would never have thought of it! I will have to give that a try! Thanks for joining us for the January Festival of Food. :)

  4. That sounds really yummy! I'll echo the general consensus that I would never have thought to add beans to a smoothie. :)

  5. I tried using beans and it did change the texture and made the smoothie more creamy and I didn't even use that many beans.