Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ebook Review: Superfood Super You, by Dr. Josh Axe

This week, I downloaded this free ebook, to help me recover from my poor eating over the holidays. I have no excuse, really, and I surely know better than to let bad eating habits get the better of me. The holidays are peak season at my job, and they are my peak season for my painting business as well. So, I have been quite busy. Still, that's little consolation where I'm sitting now, with my back hurting and my head stuffed with cold, nor was it comforting on Christmas Eve and Christmas day - which I slept through in my flu induced fever. I'm sick and sore and desperately needing to take a healing approach to food. I found Dr. Axe's book to be a wonderful refresher, and I love that it includes some very easy meal plans to follow while I'm still quite busy dealing with the holiday aftermath.

Introduction: Dr. Axe begins the introduction with statistics on America's health crisis, outlining the most common ailments and diseases. He then shares a personal story of his mother's fight with breast cancer and lung cancer, and how changing her diet to include superfoods and natural eating helped her fight/beat cancer the second time.

The format of the ebook is in PDF. With a clear and easy font, bold and colorful subtitles and illustrations and photos on every page, it makes the reading easy to follow.

In Chapter 1, Dr. Axe shares the benefits of superfoods, and includes a list of 20 top superfoods, which include berries and almonds, among others. He also lists four plans that he created, to help tailor your diet to which health problem you are most affected by:

  1. Weightloss
  2. Detox
  3. Anti-Aging
  4. Muscle Building

While I read all of the chapters for review purposes, I chose to focus on 2, 3, and 4. My goals are specific to creating a healing diet to help my body recover from injury and illness; after poor eating during the holiday season; help my muscle and cardiovascular system remain youthful so that I can avoid further strain, injury and illness that are likely to affect me now that I'm over 35; and building muscle to help support my skeletal system and again, to avoid trauma to my joints and spine.

In Chapter 2, Dr. Axe discusses the benefit of weight loss and the decreased risk of heart disease. He then lists the foods that specifically aid in weight loss, and not only outlines the foods origins but describes how it works in the body to help lose weight. By specifically naming the compounds that affect metabolism, fat stores, digestion and other contributors, it's easy to see how utilizing them can help meet weight loss goals.
At the end of Chapter 2, the doctor has compiled an easy to follow meal plan and super simple exercise regimen.

In the following three chapters, Dr. Axe continues in the same refrain, specifying foods that meet the needs of those agendas: Detox, Anti-Aging and Muscle Building, where he outlines certain foods to meet those needs, and follows up with a meal plan and exercise regimen.

Beyond telling us what foods are most beneficial, afterwards is a section discussing which foods are most damaging, including conventional meats and dairy and hydrogenated oils, among others. There is a short section on Beyond Organic, which talks about the importance of avoiding chemicals in our food, and shares the story of Jordan Ruben, who was riddled with disease until he began eating foods that are much more natural, and who went on to write a best selling book, start a vitamin chain, and started a company to create the healthiest superfoods in the world.

There are many religious (Christian) references in the book, and mentions of eating the way God intended or eating in a biblical way. Many may likely find this an enjoyable touch. I personally love that Dr. Axe writes from his heart and is obviously passionate about sharing his information and the stories of how good, natural, Earth based foods have helped his loved ones become healthy and even brought them from the brink of death. Very nicely written and advice and information to live by.

If I have one criticism, it's that Dr. Axe did not include beans in his book, which, by many experts assertion should be write at the top of the list of the top 20. Nonetheless, if you follow this book and throw in some beans, you should be pretty well set!

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