Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kids Playroom + Black Paint & Sidewalk Chalk

Pretty much what the titles says. :)

We all know how yucky kids rooms get, and playrooms are the worst!

We took the carpet up months ago, and found beat up hardwood floor underneat that couldn't be salvaged. Because it's a kids playroom and bound to get gross again (duh!) we decided against replacing the carpet.

That left us with very little choices, I just decided to go with it and paint the floor. Why black? It's what I had the most of in the paint cupboard. Throw in chalkboard paint and you have a brilliant idea born out of being a complete tightwad. The kids totally love it, especially on rainy days when they can't draw outside. By the way, that is not chalkboard paint either, but regular indoor laytex, in satin finish. It works quite well!

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