Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coffee Can Humming Bird Feeder

I am a mad reuser. I made several of these last year and they worked so well that I saved them for this year. Alas, somebody cleaned out the garage and mistakenly thought they were trash. TRASH! Can you believe it?
No matter, they are so simple and made from recycled materials, so they are free. What you need are:
Red Folgers coffee can - the small plastic one.
Plastic lid from a food container - this can be from sour cream, cottage cheese, a pint of yogurt, etc. A lid from a plastic drink cup, such as you get from a gas station will work, size is imprecise but needs to be a little larger than the coffee can.
2 long red straws, such as you get at Quick Trip, cut on half.
Yarn or cord
Box knife
Sugar and water.

This would be an easy group craft project for six and up kiddos! They are so easy.
Peel the wrapper from the coffee container. The adhesive can be a pain, rubbing peanut butter on it and lightly scraping with a butter knife takes it off easily.
Using the box knife, an adult needs to put four straw sized holes about two thirds of the way up, all the way around. Take care to get them fairly level with each other. Have the child push the straws into the holes and point them to the bottom.
Next, the adult needs to put a small hole on either side of the coffee can, at the top, and two on the lid, where it meets the coffee can.
Have the child take a piece of string and tie it to one side of the coffee can, and then thread it through one side of the lid from the bottom, then across and through the top on the other side, then tie to the other side of the coffee can. The lid should stay secure onto the feeder, but slide up and down conveniently to add more water.

Put half a cup of sugar into the bird feeder and fill it up with water to the straws. The straws will allow you to top off with straight water, as they refill from the bottom where the sugar collects ensuring your humming birds get the sweet stuff!

Place the feeder in a place where you can see it regularly, and give it a few days. The humming birds will be curious, but wary at first and after a while they will be so greedy, they won't care if your near or not, we get several of them who bogart the nectar and will fight over it! I hope you enjoy them as much as our family does!

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