Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rehab light fixture

A few months back I found this cute light fixture on the side of the road and decided it needed me.

Silly, the things people toss away!
After making sure it had little monetary value, I decided to do a rehab job and up-cycle it using things around my house. My goal, as always, is to do things as free as can be.
After taking it apart and checking that the wiring was in good shape, I cleaned it well and hit it with some primer and spray paint. Hubby did the spray paint, just to be clear.
I scraped off the pretty blue flower design and painted the middle globe red, then used nail polish to paint some polka dots on all of them. Put it back together, strung on some beads and got the husband to install it for me. The plastic pieces that go over the sockets were chipped and dirty I just washed them and turned them around.
I consider this a basic start, as I will eventually make lamp shades and add embellishments as I find them.

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