Saturday, June 2, 2012

Home Cooked Yogurt

There is sincerely no better food on this planet than homemade yogurt. It has taken me some months and many attempts to perfect this recipe but by now it is the epitomy of creamy yogurty goodness! It's a process, but worth it!

double boiler or two pots, one fitting inside the other.
Slow cooker
Cheese cloth
Food thermometer
1 gal Milk (whole)
Couple tbsp yogurt
Sweetener (I use honey)
Fruit (frozen), if desired

Containers to keep your yogurt in
First, sterilize your materials. Heat your milk slowly and indirectly, stirring regularly until it is heated to 180 - 190 F. Keep it there for half an hour or so.
Next place the pot into a water bath, and allow it to cool to 110F, then add the store bought yogurt. Mix it well, pour into your slow cooker, set it on low and leave it over night. No matter what time in the day I start my yogurt, I always leave it over night.
Sometime the next day, lay your cheese cloth into your colander and pour in your yogurt. It won't look nice, but don't worry. If it looks like separated milk then it's perfect! Strain out much of the liquid. Don't take out so much that you have a block of cheese. I take out enough to have about half a gallon of yogurt.
By halves or thirds, I spoon yogurt onto the blender. I add on sweetener to taste and frozen fruit or berries. Blending it up, I finally have something that looks like yogurt! Pour it into containers and refrigerate for a few hours. The cooling will set the yogurt further, giving you the consistency of a pudding or even a thick custard.

Experiment with your own recipe, create your own flavors, and enjoy your delicious yogurt that is free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and thickeners.

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