Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to make a rainbow stamp pad

Kitchen sponge ( without large holes)
Three to four tubes of water color paints
Hot glue
Plastic or metal case (I used an old cigarette case)
Paint brush
Spray bottle (one that mists)

Cut the sponge to size and hot glue it into the case. Spray with the mister to slightly damp. Squeeze out daubs of paint onto the sponge and work it in with a paint brush. Get as much of the paint worked into the sponge as you can, while using as little water as possible. Too much water will make paler impressions and leak out when tipped.
As the sponge dries out, you will need to mist occasionally (once a month or so, assuming your case is air tight).
Tip- Blend your edges gently but try to keep them separate so they don't turn muddy.
Don't use so many colors that they cannot have their own defined sections.

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