Monday, August 27, 2012

Homemade Bubbles and Bubble Wands

These pics are fairly self explanatory. A few weeks back, the kids wanted to blow bubbles and here's me with not a batch of bubbles or bubble wand in the entire house! What in the world could be done?

I pride myself on being a resourceful gal, so I made them some, of course!

I took a wire coat hanger, straightened it out and cut the wobbly poky edges off. I took a bit of care with the wire cutters to make blunt ends and not sharp ones.

I then wrapped the center of the hanger in yarn, my knitting pals out there may see this as casting on. ;)

Then I bent to wire to make a loop, twisted it so that it would stay, and then wrapped the back ends in tape. This came off, after a while because it isn't water proof. You may wish to attach your bubble loop to a wooden stick, or wrap it in yarn, even.

The bubble mixture is a quarter cup of concentrated dish soap to 2 cups of water. Ours wasn't that great because I didn't take the time to look up the proper ratio. But it worked and the kids were thrilled for slightly longer than it took for me to set it all up!


  1. That is too cool! I'll have to try it sometime!


  2. I tell you, I have found over 100 uses for acrylic yarn. :)

  3. I use pipe cleaners - super fast!