Saturday, December 22, 2012

Small Knitted Bear

For an ornament, or a childs toy.

Materials: WW yarn, in rust or desired color.
                 WW yarn, in  brown for ears and nose.
                 WW yarn, in eye color.
                 WW yarn in green or desired color for hat and  bowtie.
                  Size 2 knitting needles (either dpn or circular, for knitting in the round.)
                  Standard thread.
                  Sewing Needle
                  Button (or Upholstery) thread
                  Tapestry Needle
                  Small crochet hook

CO 4 stitches, in the round.

R1 - K

R2 - k1m1, all the way around.

R3 - k1m1, all the way around.

R4, R5 - K

R6 - k, k1m1, k, k, k, k, k1m1, k,

R7 to R15 - K

R16 - k2tog, all the way around.

R17 - k2tog, all the way around.

R18 - K

R19 - k1m1, all the way around.

R20 - k1m1, all the way around.

R21to R24 - K

R25 - k1m1, k, (*pick up Secondary color) k(4), (*pick up Main color) k, k1m1, k(6)

R26 - k(3), Sk(4), MK(9)

R27 - k1m1, k, k, Sk(4), Mk(2), k1m1, k(6)

R28 - k(3), Sk(6), Mk(9)

R29 - k1m1, k, k, Sk(6), Mk(2), k1m1, k(6)

R30 - k1m1, k, k, Sk(8), Mk(2), k1m1, k(6)

R32 - k(5), Sk(6), Mk(11)

R33 - k(6) Sk(4), Mk(12)

R34 to R36 - K (only main color)

Turn the tummy inside out and take care of your octopus of tail strings.  Weave them in and trim them off. Try not to go to tightly.

R37- k2tog, all the way around.

*Stuff the body with pillow fluff.

R38 - k2tog, all the way around.

When you have down to 6 or so stitches, snip your yarn, leaving a good six inches. Pull the end through the remaining stitches and tighten it. Knot it discreetly and use a hook to pull it inside of the body and out through the top of the head.

To make the arms, pick up six stiches from the shoulder. Knit these six stitches in to a tube, increasing every third row. Keep your increases on the underside of the arm so they will be hidden. Knit 11 rows like this and you will end up with nine stitches in your round when you get to the bottom. On the twelfth row, bind off.
Stuff your arm with fluff.

Knit a small swatch of fabric in your secondary color. This is 4 stitches by four rows, binding off on the fifth row.

R1 - K
R2 - P
R3 - K
R4 - P
R5 -BO

Weave in your ends, trim, and sew this swatch onto the end of your arm with a needle and thread.
I then sewed the arm to the chest, to cover my errors my belly floats.

Do the same for the second arm, and both legs.

For the snout: in the middle of the face, pick up 14 stitches, in a large round. 3 on each side, and 4 on the top and bottom. Use 4 double pointed needles, or a circular needle with a flexible cable.
Knit 3 rounds, then begin decreasing by k2tog, all the way around until you have it closed. Just before closing, push a bit of fluff inside.

Use a tapestry needle to embroider a nose, using black yarn.

To make the ears, you will need to know a bit of crochet. If you know how to crochet, this technique is similar to making a magic loop and is straight up single crochet inside of a loop.

Please note that if you move in the wrong direction, your ears will go on backwards.

**Begin on the left side of each ear.
First, pull a loop of yarn through a stitch at the top of the head, slightly to the side where you want to begin your ear.

Chain 4 stitches, and then put the hook through an adjacent knitted stitch (on the right) to secure an arch.

1. With one loop on your hook, put the hook under the arch and grab the yarn (Yarn Over).
2. Pull the yarn through the arch and move the hook over the top of the arch to Yarn Over again.
3. Pull the yarn you just grabbed through your first two loops and slip those loops off of your hook so that you have only one loop on your hook again.
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 eight times, moving from right to left.


Bring the tail strings from your ears through the head and out the top, where you can tie them off and they will be covered by a cap. Take a needle and thread to sew the bottom of the ear down to the head.

Make the eyes by cutting a six inch length of yarn. Fold it in half to form a loop, and pull it through a stitch where you want the eye to go. Pull the tail strings of the yarn through the loop, and then up into the face, and out the back of the head. Tie off behind the ears.

Crochet a little cap to cover your end tails and weave ins. Using a medium crochet hook (G), chain 8 stitches and single stitch in the round, tapering as you get near the top. Sew it into place with a needle and thread.
Crochet a collar and a big floppy bow.

Insert a piece of yarn into the top of the head, to make a hanger.

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