Saturday, December 22, 2012

Small Knitted Mouse

For an ornament or a childs toy.

Materials: WW yarn, in green or desired color.
                 WW yarn, in pink for ears and nose.
                 WW yarn, in eye color.
                 WW yarn in red or desired color for hat and collar.
                  Size 2 knitting needles (either dpn or circular, for knitting in the round.)
                  Standard thread.
                  Sewing Needle
                  Button (or Upholstery) thread
                  Tapestry Needle
                  Small crochet hook
                  Bit of wire.


CO 4 stitches, in the round.

R1, 2, 3, 4 - K

R5 - k1m1, k, k1m1, k

R6 - K

R7 - k, k1m1, k, k, k1m, k

R8 - k1m1, k, k1m1, k, k, k1m1, k, k1m1

R9 - K

R10 - k, k1m1, k, k, k1m1, k, k, k1m1, k, k, k1m1, k

R11 - K

R12 - k, k, k1m1, k, k, k1m1, k, k, k, k, k1m1, k, k, k1m1, k, k

R 14 to R17 - K; you should have 10 stitches.

R18 - Place 10 stitches on reserve, purl back 10 stitches.

R19 - K

R20 - P

R21 - K

R22 - P

R23 - K

R24 - P

E25 - k, k, k, k, k, k2tog, turn

R26 - p, p2tog, turn

R27 - k, k2tog, turn

R28 - p, p2tog, turn

R29 - k, k2tog, turn

RR30 - p, p2tog, turn

R31 - k, k2tog, turn

R32 - p, p2tog, turn

At this point, you should have 2 stitches remaining on your needle.

Tiny elf shoe.

R33 - k, k, pick up for stitches from the left side, pick up the stitches on reserve, pick up 4 stitches on the right side.

R34 to R36 - K

*Stuff your head before you begin decreasing.

R37 - k2tog, k; repeat, all the way around. You'll have 1 remainder to knit, and 14 stitches working.

R38 to R43 - K

R44 - k1m1, k(6), k1m1, k(6)

R45 - K

R46 - k1m1, k(7), k1m1, k(7)

R47 - K

R48 - k1m1, k(3), k1m1, k(4), k1m1, k(3), ,k1m1, k(4)

R49 - K

R50 -  k1m1, k(4), k1m1, k(5), k1m1, k(4), ,k1m1, k(5)

R51 - K

R52 - k1m1, k(5), k1m1, k(6), k1m1, k(5), ,k1m1, k(6)

R53 - K

R54, R55, R56, R57 - k2tog, all the way around, until closed.

* Stuff the body just before you close.



Slide your needle into the top of the head, picking up 5 stitches. You want to keep your knit stitches on the outside and your purl stitches on the inside (under side of the flap).

R1- K

R2 - P

R3 - k1m1, k(3), k1m1

R4 - P

R5 - k1m1, k(5), k1m1

R6 - P

R7 - K

R8 - P

R9 - k2tog, k(5), k2tog

R10 - P

R11 - k2tog, k(3), k2tog

R12 - P

R13 - Knit, binding off.


Slide your needle into 5 stitches adjacent to the stitches you picked up in the first place (see photo).

You are repeating as you did above, but in the reverse so that your purl stitches face the purl stiches from the main color. 

R1- K

R2 - P

R3 - k1m1, k(3), k1m1

R4 - P

R5 - k1m1, k(5), k1m1

R6 - P

R7 - K

R8 - P

R9 - k2tog, k(5), k2tog

R10 - P

R11 - k2tog, k(3), k2tog

R12 - P

R13 - Knit, binding off.

Weave the ends into the purl side of your ear flaps, then take a needle and thread to carefully sew the pink to the outer color.

Sew the backs of the ears together at the bottom, to ensure that they remain upright. Twist the ears so that the pink is turned towards the front, and they become cupped. Sew this into place.

Use a tapestry needle to make vertical stitches on the end of the nose, in pink. Pull the tail ends through the face and out the back of the head, tie off behind the ears.
In the same way, create two teeth using white yarn.

For the tail, insert your needles into the bottom of the mouse, picking up 4 stitches - two on top of two. Using pink, knit in the round to make a little rope, the length of your choice. Take a strip of wire and insert it into the tail so that you can shape it.

Legs and Feet, use the same method as the tail in the main color and knit 6 rows.
Take 2 strands of p ink yarn and slip each strand into two stitches and tie them in a knot. Trim to quarter inch pieces and you'll have little hand with 4 digits.
For the back feet, just pull 2 strands of pink yarn through a stitch, knot it, and trim.

Make the eyes by cutting a six inch length of yarn. Fold it in half to form a loop, and pull it through a stitch where you want the eye to go. Pull the tail strings of the yarn through the loop, and then up into the face, and out the back of the head. Tie off behind the ears.


Crochet a little cap to cover your end tails and weave ins. Using a medium crochet hook (G), chain 8 stitches and single stitch in the round, tapering as you get near the top. Sew it into place with a needle and thread.

Use button thread to sew a little mouth and some whiskers.

Make a hanger by pulling a piece of yarn behind the head and tie it at the top.

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