Saturday, December 22, 2012

Small Knitted Cat

For an ornament or a childs toy.

Materials: WW yarn, in white or desired color.
                 WW yarn, in pink for ears and nose.
                 WW yarn, in eye color.
                 WW yarn in red or desired color for hat and collar.
                  Size 2 knitting needles (either dpn or circular, for knitting in the round.)
                  Standard thread.
                  Sewing Needle
                  Button (or Upholstery) thread
                  Tapestry Needle
                  Small crochet hook
                  Bit of wire.

Cast on 4 stitches on size 2 needles, in the round.

R1 - K

R2 - k1m1, all the way around.

R3 - k1m1, all the way around: You should have 16 stiches.

R4 to R10 - K

R11 - k2tog, all the way around.

R12 - k2tog, all the way around: You should have 4 stitches again.

At this point, fill the head with pillow fluff.

R13 & R14 - K

R15 - k1m1, k2, k1m1, k1m1, k2, k1m1

R16 - K

R17 - k1m1, k4, k1m1, k1m1, k4, k1m1: You should have 16 stitches.

R18 to R32 - K

R33 - k2tog, all the way around.

R34 - k2tog, all the way around.

Fill the body with pillow fluff.

R35 to R55 - K to make the tail.

Decrease to two stitches, snip your yarn, and pull the tail into the two remaining stitches to bind them off.

At this point, your cat should look like this.

To m ake the snout: Use a small crochet hook to pull a loop of yarn through one of the stitches on the front of the face. Chain 4 stitches, and then slip stitch the final stitch into a stitch adjacent on the front of the face. Chain 4 more stitches and slip stitch the last one into another adjacent stitch on the front of the face. Snip the yarn and pull the tail through the stitch remaining on your hook. Use your crochet hook to pull the two tail strands into the top part of the head. This will be covered with a hat after you have knotted them into place.
Use a needle and thread to shape and hold the snout.

To make the nose, use your crochet hook to pull a piece of pink yarn through the front of the snout as shown. Tie a knot here and then carefully pull the ends back behind the snout out of sight. Pull them through the face and out the top of the head.


Ears: Slide one of your knitting needles inside, along the side of the head as shown. You're going to want to slip six bars onto your needles to knit with. Consider this the cast on. With your cat facing you, begin on the right side (kitty's left) and slide your needle from the bottom up, so that when you knit, you will begin at the top and knit down the side of the head. You'll want your knit stitches in the back, and purl stitches in the front.

For the ear on your left (kitty's right), slide your needle in from the top to begin knitting from the bottom upwards.


R1 - k all six

R2 - p all six

R3 - k

R4 - p

R5 - k2tog, K, K, k2tog

R6 - P

R7 - k2tog, k2tog

R8 - P

R9 - k2tog, snip yarn and slip the end through the stitch to bind off.



Slide your needle beneath 4 bars in front of your ear flaps, as shown. You want to place your needles in the direction opposite from what you did with the main color. When you slid your needles in from top to bottom, you now want to slide them in from bottom to top - because you want your purls in the back and your knits in the front this time.

R1 - k4

R2 - p4

R3 - k4

R4 - p4

R 5 - k2tog, k2tog

R6 - p

R7 - k2tog, snip yarn and slip the end through the stitch to bind off.

Weave your ends in the backs of each flap, so that the knots are between the pink and the main color. Use a needle and thread to sew the front to the back.


To make the arms: on the body of your cat, where the shoulders would likely start, slide your needle in to pick of four stitches - two on top of two, as shown. Knit in the round, these four stitches, approximately 20 rows or until you have nearly the length of your body. When you get to the end:

K1M1 four times until you have 8 stitches.

Knit one more round, very loosely.

k4tog, k4tog.

Bind off and leave a 4 inch long tail.

Repeat on the other side.

Along the bottom, horizontally, pick up 6 stitches.

R1 - k

R2 - k1m1, all the way around.

R3 - knit row loosely

R4 - k3tog, k3tog, k3tog

R5 - k2tog, bind off.

Slip your small crochet hook from the back into the front, right beneath your flap you just knitted and grab your tail string to pull it through. Bring it back to the front, again, just below the feet.
In this same way, use your crochet hook to grab the tail ends of the yarn left on your cats from paws and pull them to sit tightly beside the feet. Weave in the ends and keep the knots beneath the feet where they will be hidden.

Weave your tail string of the tail into the tail itself, right up to the butt where the end will be hidden.

To make the eyes, slide your crochet hook into where the eye will go, beneath a knitted stitch. Slide from the outside in. Grab a six inch length of yarn and pull a loop through a couple of inches. Grab your tail and pull it through that loop, making a slip knot. You want your tail ends to be on the outside. With your crochet hook again, pull the strands through the side of the eye into the face and out the top of the head.


You want to pull as many ends as you can through the top of your cats head and tie them off. They will be hidden beneath a cap. The two tail ends from the arms (at the shoulders) can be weaved into the neck, as this will be covered by a collar.

Use some button thread and a needle to sew a mouth, and tie in some whiskers.

Crochet a tiny hat, by using a fairly large hook (G, or so) and chaining 8 or 9 stitches and single crocheting in the round, deacreasing at the to.
Repeat this, but only crochet 2 rounds, to make a collar and slip ot over your cats head.

Take a piece of wire and insert it into the tail to curl it.

Use your crochet hook to insert a piece of yarn for hanging.

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