Saturday, December 22, 2012

Small Knitted Dog

For and ornament, or a childs toy.

Materials: WW yarn, in tan or desired color.
                 WW yarn, in dark brown for ears and nose.
                 WW yarn, in eye color.
                 WW yarn in red or desired color for hat and collar.
                  Size 2 knitting needles (either dpn or circular, for knitting in the round.)
                  Standard thread.
                  Sewing Needle
                  Button (or Upholstery) thread
                  Tapestry Needle
                  Small crochet hook


CO 4 stitches, in the round.

R1 - k

R2 - k1m1 x 4

R3 - k1m1 x 8, until you have 16 stitches.

R4 to R10 - Knit rounds

R11 - place 8 stitches onto a scrap piece of yarn. Purl back 8 stitches.

R12 - K

R13 - P

R14 - K

R15 - P

R16 - K

R17 - P

R18 - k, k, k, k, k2tog, turn

R19 - p, p2tog, turn

R20 - k, k2tog, turn

R21 - p, p2tog, turn

R22 - k, k2tog, turn

R23 - p, p2tog

You should have a tiny little shoe at this point.

R24 - k, k , pick up 4 stitches, pick up reserved stitches, pick up 4 stitches.

R25 to R45 - K

*Stuff with fluff.

R46 to R49 - K2tog, decreasing down to 4 stitches.

R50 to R54 - k, to make the tail stub, bind off and pull the tail end inside of the body.

Here, you have a small sock. I forgot to stuff, and had to pull it out and redo it.

Make the nose by inserting the crochet hook into the snout and wrapping the nub that is your original cast on stitches in yarn.

Make the eyes by inserting the crochet hook into the face, where you want the eye to be. Pull a loop of yarn through, making sure the tail strings are pointing towards the inside of the face. Pull those tail strings through the loop, and then use your crochet hook to catch them and pull them into the face and up through the top of the head where they will be knotted and hidden under a cap.

Ears: near the top of the head, gather 5 stitches as shown.

R1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 - K

R2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 - P

R13 - k2tog, k, k2tog

R14 - P

R15 - k2tog, k

R16 - p2tog

Bind off and pull the tail strings through the side of the face and up through the head, knotting at the top.

Make the legs by picking up 4 stitches where you want the legs to be. Slide your needles under two bars of yarn at the shoulder or hip, and take two bars beneath this. Knit the four stitches in the round, making ropes, for 8 rows.
Snip the yarn, leaving four to five inches, and pull the tail string into each working stitch as you slip it off of your needle. Pull the tail end into the body, on the underside and up through the top of the head. Knot and secure.
Do this for each leg.

Once finished with the legs, ears, nose and eyes, and have all of the yarn ends pulled through the top of the head, tie them to one another securely and snip them.

Make a little hat by crocheting 8 stitches in the round - using a size G hook, decreasing as you near the top.

Using a fairly long piece of button thread, sew the hat onto the dogs head. Do not cut.

Make a wide mouth by pushing the needle through the top of the head and out one of the cheeks. Bring the thread beneath the chin and push it into the cheek on the other side. Knot it in the crevice beneath the cap.

Use your crochet hook to insert a piece of yarn for hanging.

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