Monday, November 28, 2011

Faux Antique Metal Stars

I didn't come up with the idea for these cereal box stars, isn't this the coolest idea? I wish I knew who to credit, but the truth is, you can find tutorials all over the Internet for making them. Most are covered with craft paper, but I wanted to make mine look a certain way so I chose to paint them.

Materials: Some cereal boxes (any box of similar weight and style will work).
Straight edge, like a ruler
Steak knife
Medium blue craft paint
White craft paint
Warm brown craft paint
Blue cord for hanging

First, I traced the stars onto the cardboard. I used my cookie cutters that I have in three different sizes.

I used my straight edge and the stake knife to score the glossy side of the cardboard from outer point to inner point, bisecting the start. I did this all the way around.

I folded the star in half along all of the cuts, and began "fanning" it, accordion style until it took on the shape I wanted.

 To give my starts the best texture, of something that looks like It was painted several times, I painted on the rough surface instead of the glossy.

A single coat in medium blue. It's ok if the cardboard shows through.

Using a dry paint brush, (the stiffer and coarser the better), I lightly dry brushed some white on, letting the blue show through.

You want to make it look like something that has been twice painted, but the paint is wearing off.

Next, I picked up trace amounts of my warm brown and very lightly brushed on some rust. I paid special attention to the edges, as well as the raised parts. I didn't want too much!

I used my large tapestry needle to poke in some holes and sew in my hanging cord.  They look so pretty on my tree!

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